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Even if you haven't played one of these guitars, there's a good chance that if you've ever played a decent-quality beginner import, you've played a guitar associated with Westheimer.

In fact, Westheimer was one of the earliest (and most influential) importers to cultivate Japanese manufacturing in the years surrounding 1960.

Hoshino owns no manufacturing facilities beyond a small custom shop in California.

For over 30 years we have been building our products with the utmost attention to detail and our manufacturing process.

The Blue Book - if you're serious about buying and selling used guitars, the Blue Book provides the most detailed pricing, dating and identification info. Guitar HQ - a nice all-around mainstream vintage guitar site.

All the standard Gibson and Fender type stuff, plus some other interesting odds and ends.

Of course, my favorite part is Michael Wright's "Different Strummer" column, which covers the history of all those wild, wacky off-brand instruments in elaborate detail.

He was also nice enough to give me credit for naming his site and helping him out with information initially.

We hire local talent at all of our factories and launched initiatives to work with reclaimed wood and replanting projects.

Our unique headstock shape was created with the avid player in mind, looking for perfect tone and pitch every time.

Project where the Internet goes to work on guitars! MIMF - the Musical Instrument Makers Forum is a goldmine of information about materials, construction and repair techniques, including a gallery of unique custom built guitars that range from inept to incredible.

If you need professional advice about repairing your old guitar, this is the place to ask. Duck's Dating Service - an excellent resource, lots of serial numbers for many brands of guitars.

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This smaller shape allows strings to stay straight, limiting the amount of detuning when not in use.

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