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News flash – you don’t have to carry a degree in art history to enjoy and appreciate it.

It’s totally fine to just like a piece because you like it. When you hear a new song you like or are introduced to a new sound, I’d venture to say you don’t think to yourself, “Eek, I’ll sure feel stupid if someone asks me to analyze the melody or speak in-depth about how it was arranged.” If someone asks me why I love Pearl Jam, I’ll tell ‘em it’s because their music makes me happy.

Open studios are also a chance to better understand art in a non-judgmental environment.

Talking to local artists about their work is a great way to make art more approachable.

Whatever hypothetical conflict she managed to avoid with Congress (who hammered on the NEA anyway) was pleasant in comparison to the mob of angry protesters that greeted her poor decision.

Many of those who were furious with the museum for censoring the show were to be expected: artists, donors, students, members.

I often come out of an art museum inspired to make something myself.

I’m pretty good at making thumbnail sketches with notes, and at testing color combinations, or mixed media, in preparation for the bigger piece.For this particular painting, I even collected birch branches for reference.They look cool as-is, which is nice for my apartment interior decor, but also dangerous because they’re at risk of becoming a permanent fixture instead of a work-in-progress.Some people make art as a hobby; a significant group of people, for their living.But the visual arts can often seem intimidating to those not steeped in that world.

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