Dating marriage customs in thailand

Traditions vary in different parts of Thailand so for instance a Thai wedding in the south of Thailand (for example, Phuket) can be very different to a wedding in the north of Thailand (such as Chiang Mai).For marriages in some rural areas and Thai villages ‘upcountry’, there is more chance that many of the old customs, such as ‘preparing the bridal bed’ (see below), will be incorporated in the wedding ceremony.Public acceptance to interracial relationships are at a record high.There is an increasing presence of Latina, Asian, Russian and Eastern European women on dating apps.

Its becoming increasingly common for western men to have Thai brides.Thai people are deeply rooted with their families and culture.In the same way, Thai marriages are also equipped with traditional attires, food, and ceremonies.There are many different aspects to a traditional Thai wedding, but not all of these traditions are maintained today.Consequently, there can be many variations in the basic ceremony which can be as elaborate or as simple as the wedding couple (and their families) want to make it.

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