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He had additional graduate work at Wayne State University, the University of Detroit, and Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.In 1981, Geisler testified in "the Scopes II trial" (Mc Lean v. Additionally, he was the founder and first president of the International Society of Christian Apologetics.

Young Christians in particular are in constant debate over these issues, wondering what is true and how it might affect their lives.

Others, citing Marcion’s contemporary Irenaeus, fought for four (one for each corner of the earth).

Inexplicably, Irenaeus got his way.[6] Is this criticism correct? Moreover, Peter and Jude’s use of the plural (“apostles”) demonstrates that they believed that more than one apostles had already written Scripture.

It is organized in eight key sections: an introduction to theology, the Bible, God, creation, sin, salvation, church, and last things.

Geisler's writing is accessible to students, pastors, and laypeople interested in learning, as he deals with the concepts foundational to Christianity.

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The concerns of Gnostic Christians survived only as a suppressed current, like a river driven underground.

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