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In the 2012 flick “Think Like a Man,” the character Mya is strict when it comes to her “90-day rule,” making any man wait three months before getting intimate.

It’s something that Meagan Good, the actress who portrayed Mya, can relate to — and then some.

It blamed a drop in attendances and funding for the financial issues it has faced.

More than 7,000 people have now signed an online petition calling on the local council, which owns the buildings, to keep the venues open.

We cannot afford to let these fantastic people and buildings go.” One signatory said: “Access to cultural activities in rural north Devon is already severely limited and this will make it much harder to get pupils to see live theatre and to participate in group work with pupils from other schools.” Another wrote: “These theatres serve not only Devon, but Cornwall too.

They are a vital community hub that bring vibrancy and cultural life to the heart of north Devon, as well as lots of much-needed employment.” It adds: “There are over 100 staff and volunteers engaged in providing a variety of live entertainment and educational activities to the area.But crowds arrived shortly after sunrise today to brave the elements and welcome Verity, the statue having spent the last few days being assembled in a harbourside car park.The effort to hoist Verity into place was nearly felled by the gusty conditions as winds whipped around the bronze icon.Conscious Relationships (for couples and singles) 8 - 14 July Findhorn Foundation, Scotland Book here Living Tantra 1 1-8 September, Sussex Book at [email protected] [email protected] Relationships Vacation workshop at Cortijo Romero in Spain for singles and couples Book here view all calendar dates If you'd like to feel more connected with yourself, with your friends, with people you meet ...and to feel more self-love, self-acceptance - of all that you are, un-ashamed of your body and rejoicing in your passions If you'd like to learn to trust your feelings, and to be able to speak your truth openly and with love and nourish that part of you that longs to live more totally, beyond the call of your routines If you'd like to spend some time celebrating being alive, dancing your joy and your tears ...

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