Ne yo who is he dating

Ne-Yo announced they were engaged last August, at the same time he announced she was pregnant with their first child together.

Ne-Yo has already two kids — 5-year-old daughter Madison Grace and 4-year-old son Mason Evan — from his failed former relationship with reality star Monyetta Shaw. "We're human beings, so we're gonna bump heads on different things.

Ask your Teen: If you have a teenager it is very important that you get their approval after an introduction or two is made with your potential lover.

If your kid has daddy issues, as in wanting you to stay alone in hopes of your ex coming back into your life – then go ahead and skip the introduction to the new guy.

"We can't wait to start our life together," Ne-Yo told People magazine.

well, maybe we’ll see leaked mpegs instead of jpegs from this couple : ) [NOTE: HAHAHA…LT Dinwiddie was at NEyo’s party last night and Supahead was Nowhere to be seen…..hahaha…..

Aside from that one unfortunate sidekick gaff , Neyo has kept his nose squeaky clean.

So I was pretty surprised to here from a reliable source that a certain infamous lady is telling her friends that she is now dating Ne-yo….

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  1. It is quite another to constantly be wondering why you don't have a boyfriend. These guys will often approach a first date with the hope that their potential match will be able to overlook their positive status and give them a chance in spite of it all.