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There’s a love triangle (maybe two), cat fighting, backstabbing, substance abuse, suicidal thoughts and even a murder.But these plot lines are united by a sinuous blend of athleticism, artistry and storytelling.The cast of characters — 12 in all — is dizzying at times.Crisscrossing story lines complicate Vincent’s coming out, turning it all into a sudsy soap opera.That confession sounds more like young adult fiction than F.

Yes, I was kind of a weird kid, but I’d found something to look forward to every day. I was constantly being pushed into lockers, and kids would call me “gay” just because I was a dancer. But I never tried to defend myself, and I didn’t tell anyone about the bullying—not even my parents.

I was called gay so frequently I started to wonder, “Am I gay?

” when I was still too young to comprehend what that actually meant.

"All the Right Moves" returns this week (Tues., Aug. ET on Oxygen) with its second episode, which will continue to follow Travis, Nick, Teddy, Kyle and the rest of the dancers in the fledgling Shaping Sound company (including "SYTYCD" alums like Season 8 winner Melanie Moore, Season 6's Channing Cooke, Season 9's Alexa Anderson and Season 2's Allison Holker) as they try to make a name for themselves.

But that's hardly all Travis has going on -- he's working on a number for Justin Bieber's tour, creating a floor exercise for an Olympic gymnast and he could be winning an Emmy just in time for his 25th birthday.

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