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We were basically babbling about hotties in our schools, our favorite TV shows and movies, and music.

Be confident in your own abilities and approach life like any other confident person would.My perception is that in Deaf culture, the networking is so expanded: Deaf schools (both in classrooms, on campus, and in the dorms), Gallaudet students and alumni (NTID & CSUN too), Mainstream schools that use ASL, big Deaf college programs, Deaf clubs, Deaf organizations, Deaf associations, Deaf chatrooms, Deaf blog sites, Deaf dating sites, Videophone availability, Deaf camps, Deaf churches, Sidekick and Blackberry pagings/e-mails, and Deaf events such as Deaf Expos, Basketball tournaments, Softball tournaments, Racquetball tournaments, Dart tournaments, Disc golfing tournaments, Golf tournaments, Bass fishing tournaments, Deaf fundraisers, et cetera…The opportunities are unlimited…But the oral deaf who refuse to learn ASL or are discouraged from learning it have narrowed their window of opportunities.. Maybe at the adjoining families’ BBQ gatherings.” As a cochlear implant user, I can disprove this comment that was written on one blog as I certainly have a wide network of deaf communities too, but my deaf community is different from ASL user deaf community. There are other people who are deaf and can hear with a CI like me!The only biggest event I know they go to is the Alexander Graham Bell Assoc. When I was five years old, I attended a cochlear implant convention for the first time, and I certainly had the opportunity to meet other CI users. ” I was able to talk about my CI experiences that I was never able to really talk about with my normal hearing friends such as, “Isn’t it cool that we can stick any magnetic objects on our head?!Because I was only five years old at that time, I didn’t really think too much that I was really different from other people because I was hearing and speaking and attending a mainstream preschool program. Then in 1995, when I was 8 years old, I attended another CI convention hosted by CICI (Cochlear Implant Club International) in Texas. ” I kept in touch with one of the CI users whom I met at the convention, and we met again at another convention, the Northeast Cochlear Implant Convention organized by the Minuteman Implant Club, two years later in Massachusetts.I remember how wonderful it was to be with a community of CI users. At this convention in Massachusetts, I met even more CI friends and we continued to share our experiences and to embrace our growing up with CIs.

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