★★★★ "a lively and charming piece of theatre" The Stage ★★★★★ "a sumptuous feast that is achingly funny but with a big beating heart at its core" Western Mail ★★★★ "The Hunting of the Snark is a beautiful and hilarious family entertainer.

And even if you do not have kids, go anyway- you’ll come out wanting to find your own Snark too!

Detectives found 1,185 indecent images and videos on his computer and on hard drives seized from his school dormitory.

They also discovered logs from the chatrooms where Picard boasted about the "quality" of his videos and asked users who claimed to be as young as 14 to exchange naked shots of themselves for indecent videos he would provide.

I urge theatre producers to head to Devon next weekend, when the show has its final performances, and to consider giving this outstanding musical the extended life it so richly deserves’. The hardback was published by Bloomsbury in September 2009 and the paperback in May 2010.

Q: Why does this play work for both adults and children?

An award-winning radio play, a widely acclaimed book and a much admired piece of musical theatre, KISSES ON A POSTCARD is a vivid, funny and intimate portrait of a unique part of our history and a compelling and uplifting memoir of growing up in an extraordinary time.

Full of surprising humour and intensely moving, it tells the true story of two brothers in WWII, evacuated along with thousands of other children after Dunkirk, and of a remarkable couple, enduring their own tragedy, who took the boys in as their own and raised them with unstinting love.

Ms Olliver added: "There are aggravating features, the children are very young, in obvious pain and distress, and the number of photographs distributed." Picard shut his eyes as Judge Peter Ross described some of the Category A material found in his possession.

Where would we be without the archetypal troubled adolescent enduring the tender trials of growing up, so often (and so often so predictably) spun into song, film, or fiction?

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The piece sought to represent the physical, emotional, and social developments which 15-year-old boys undergo, figuring these developments as apples.

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