Toolstripstatuslabel not updating

Each entry in your register must be associated with a category.Each category is identified as either a credit category (income), or a debit category (expense).Refresh() because you get an error: * * * * * * * * this. *It is executing the above property until it hits the "this" statement.

At the top under "Startup form:" select the form you want to show up after your splash screen.

Name the report something you can remember associating it with the information you want to report on. When this box appears Choose Create New Connection.

When the drop down menu appears click the symbol for Access/Excel (DAO) and not the name. The next few steps are giving you the options on what information you want your report to display, so just go through and set it up for your requirements.

Make sure that at the bottom under "Shutdown mode:" you select "When startup form closes".

When the dialog box appears select Reporting and Crystal Report.

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