Vb net dataadapter not updating

For example, setting the Update Batch Size to 10 will group 10 separate statements and submit them as single batch.

Setting the Update Batch Size to 0 will cause the Data Adapter to use the largest batch size that the server can handle.

If no primary key is found, the data is appended to the tables in the ' Assumes that connection is a valid Sql Connection object. To String()) Next Next // Assumes that customer Connection is a valid Sql Connection object. If there is no column in an existing table that matches a column found in the chapter, a new column is added.

Dim query String As String = _ "SELECT Customer ID, Company Name FROM dbo. // Assumes that order Connection is a valid Ole Db Connection object. Before the tables in the are filled with the data in the chaptered columns, a relation is created between the parent and child tables of the hierarchical rowset by adding an integer column to both the parent and child table, setting the parent column to auto-increment, and creating a , only that table will be filled.

Checked) ' this is for diagnostic purposes only End Sub Public Overloads Overridable Function Update(By Val data Table As bound Test Data Set.control Settings Data Table) As Integer Return Me. Update(data Table) End Function 'bound Check Box ' Me.bound Check Box.

to retrieve all of a table takes time, especially if there are many rows in the table.

This is because accessing the database, locating and processing the data, and then transferring the data to the client is time-consuming. For most applications, these provide a convenient representation of data source information.

The code is called, but the update event doesnt actually fire and I am unsure why.

I have stepped through and there are no errors, I have run SQL Profiler and it shows there is no SQL Event fired Originally there was no Initializer so created one and the binding events are on the checkbox I am working with So, I am a little stumped and need some help.

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