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All the info on the website refers to the old box - no one has bothered to update it.

When I do so, I see a window Grandstream Device Configuration and I am asked for a password.I have just installed a V system and it all works fine except for the date/time on the phone.If I set them manually, they are OK until I get an incoming call - at which point, something (I can only assume the Vonage box) resets them to 01-01-14 and an apparently random time.There’s so much “five” in this table, I cannot imagine it is not significant of something but I don't know what.I am a geologist, not technically inept, and quite capable of maintaining my own system especially with the help I get from the Forum.

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Qtel filters adult websites, gay and lesbian content, dating and escorting services and sites deemed as offensive to Islam.

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