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As well as been well cut, you should be using a fabrication such as traditional English cloth.

I am a big fan of that because it has a certain body to it and that helps enhance the shape.

When fashion designer Ozwald Boateng decided, back in 1998, to allow a director to film him for six months, he had little idea of what he was setting in motion.

In the end, the director followed him around for 12 years.

Some of his first pieces were also sold in Academy, Newburgh Street, in about 1987.

When he's not at the studio, you can find him doing sun salutations in 40-degree heat - 47-year-old Boateng is also a massive fan of Bikram yoga.

Clearly he's got this work-life balance thing sussed. I have quite a few suits, I look at my wardrobe and decide which one I’m going to wear.

“It’s about a man, who happens to be in fashion,” he says. “When I started designing, I did my research and I said: you want to build a name, you need to do something unique and different, and so when someone thinks of your name, they should think of a product. When the V&A asked for one of his suits – regarded as the hallmark of success in the British fashion industry – he didn’t celebrate, he complained.

I decided that the suit would be that for me.” So he decided he wanted to modernise the suit, and he never stopped to think about how he could achieve it. He says: “It was a piece from one of my early collections, and they wanted one of the best pieces – and I remember having a real issue with it.

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